Published/In press

2023 Berio, L. And Moore, R. Great Ape Enculturation Studies: A Neglected Resource in Cognitive Development Research, Biology and Philosophy, 38(17), /

2023 Erbach, K. , Kenyah-Damptey, B., Berio, L., James, D., and Seyffarth, E. “A comparative corpus study of “race” and “Rasse”, Applied Corpus Linguistics (3) doi:10.1016/j.acorp.2023.100044.

2023 Berio L, Newen A, Moore R. Metarepresentation, Trust, and “Unleashed Expression”. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1–2. doi:10.1017/S0140525X22000759

2022 Berio, L and Musholt, K. “How language shapes our minds: On the relationship between generics, stereotypes and social norms”. Mind and Language,

2022 Erbach, K. and Berio,L. “Countability shifts in the normative dimension“. In Gutzmann, Daniel & Sophie Repp, Eds. Proceedings of Sinn und Beduetung 26. Universität zu Köln.

2021 Berio, L. Talking About Thinking: Language, Thought, and Mentalizing, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter.

2021 Berio, L. “Culturally embedded schemata for false belief reasoning”, Synthese Special Issue: The cultural evolution of human social cognition, ed. by R. Moore,

2021. Berio, L. “Language relativity and flexibility of mental representations: color terms in a frame based analysis”, in Concepts, Frames and Cascades in Semantics, Cognition and Ontology, Sebastian Löbner, Thomas Gamerschlag, Tobias Kalenscher, Markus Schrenk, Henk Zeevat (Eds.), Berlin: Springer

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2017. Berio, L. , Latrouite, A., Van Valin, R. and Vosgerau, G. “Immediate and General Common Ground”, Modeling and Using Context: 10th International Interdisciplinary Conference, CONTEXT2017, Paris, P. Brezillon, R. Turner, C. Penco (eds), Springer, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

Work in progress

(submitted) A paper on visual perspective taking and robotic agents (co-authored) preprint: 10.31234/

(submitted) A paper on how do Germans and US-Americans Conceive of Race, using Corpus Analysis and a Semantic Feature Production Tasks (co-authored)

(in preparation) A paper on emotion attribution to AI

(in preparation) A paper on the folk-concept of race in Germany and in the US (coauthored)

(in preparation) A paper on language, gender, and thought

(in preparation) A paper on Emotion impression formation (co-authored)

(in preparation) A paper on virtue signalling and mindshaping

(in preparation) A paper on affective cognition and HRI (co-authored)

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